Everything you need to know about RankTap

Who sets up the RankTap?

We do! All we need is access to your Google Business Profile so that we can connect it directly to your review page.

Is it mine to keep?

As long as you are subscribed, your RankTap will always work for you.

How many RankTaps am I given?

We typically send 3 to start, but if you are interested in more please contact us.

What if my RankTap stops working?

Your RankTap should last 10+ years. If you believe it is not working please contact ranktap@relevantlocalmedia.com or call our toll-free number 866-340-1430.

Will you reply to my reviews?

Yes, as long as you are subscribed, we will personally reply to up to 50 reviews per month.

What else do I get with my RankTap?

Along with your RankTap, you will receive a guide detailing the best practices on how to maximize its potential. 

Who is RankTap for?

Any business that cares about managing their online reputation.

What makes us different?

We set up everything and answer your reviews that you are now generating with RankTap!

What phones are compatible with RankTap?

All major smartphones since 2018 are capable of using RankTap with no setup required.



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